Workshop “Using Body Language to Influence Others Positively”


  • By the end of this workshop the delegates will be able to:
  • Use the principles of body language to understand people’s hidden emotions
  • Learn how to shake hands, sit and stand appropriately and adapt personal space to make favourable first impressions
  • Distinguish between open and closed body positions and interpret them correctly within the context
  • Spot lack of confidence in others through their body language and use this knowledge to enhance their own posture
  • Use matching and mirroring techniques to actively create and maintain rapport

Skills you will improve

  • Communication
  • Influence
  • Self Confidence

Interesting information

  • Date of course & Timetable: 23 October 2012 (10:00 – 14:00h)
  • Location: Centro de Negocios Melior (Avda Brasil 6, 1º, Madrid)
  • Price: 110 € 
  • Maximum number of participants: 24.
  • Latest registration date: 16 October 2012.
  • Registration: Contact us: and we will inform you of how to formalize the registration.

About “Using Body Language to Influence Others Positively”


This Body Language workshop will develop participants’ skills in understanding their own body language as well as being able to read the body language of others. If we can learn to identify and appreciate non-verbal clues, we can begin to improve our communication as a whole. This use of body language skills could impact situations such as; sales visits, interviews, presentations and normal day to day interactions where body language plays a part.

About the trainer

Janice Haywood, a language/communications specialist and coach with 15 years experience of the Spanish market .

About Business Learning Solutions

A unique combination of management skills and language training.

Business Learning Solutions was formed to satisfy a demand for more in-depth and relevant training in those companies where English is becoming the working language. A company that is passionate about helping people to be more effective at work, they believe that true and lasting success comes from aligning values with purpose. Integrity, transparency and professionalism are core values which are transmitted throughout their training and coaching interventions to help companies and individuals become more productive in their professional and personal lives.

The company collaborates with a team of British / American training consultants, all highly skilled in their specialist skills area to ensure training of the highest quality.

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